#1591 RFR for pastebin server
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Project Sponsor

Name: Jonathan Steffan

Fedora Account Name: jsteffan

Group: general purpose

Infrastructure Sponsor:

Secondary Contact info

Name: Ray Strode

Fedora Account Name: rstrode

Group: general purpose

Project Info

Project Name: fpaste

Target Audience: users collaborating online

Expiration/Delivery Date (required): A few weeks?

fpaste.org right now is hosted at linode. Abuse by botnets (to paste source code around) in the past has put the current hosting in danger. It would be good if it could be hosted on fedora servers instead.

Project plan (Detailed):
Jon (daMaestro) would move his fpaste code over to an instance in fedora infrastructure. He would also, when time permits, improve fpaste to be more hardened against abuse by spam bots.

Move the existing fpaste application to fedora infrastructure

Specific resources needed:

A server instance with the ability to run apache and django.

The spam issues that you mentioned really scare me.

Let's really think about this for a moment. What special value does running our own pastebin bring us/users? Is there any reason to run this and fight the spammers instead of directing people to other well-established pastebin services that have more experience with dealing with spam?

If we enable captchas, auth requirements, or anything of that sort, it will immediately make our pastebin less useful than the others that are out there, so unfortunately none of these are great immediate solutions to the spam issue.

Thanks a lot for running this for so long and dealing with the spam issues though :-) I had no idea that would be such a problem.

I think having our own pastebin server is very useful. It provides a way to increase mindfulness of fedora when dealing with upstreams and outside projects.

I just spoke with Ray on IRC for a bit, and I have nothing against this as long as somebody's willing to commit to doing all of the work, maintenance, and anti-spam stuff. Since Jonathan has pretty much been doing this with fpaste.org already, that hopefully won't be a problem.

I'll serve as infrastructure sponsor for this.

I'd like to update this bug with a request for a Public Test server.


ok, I'll look at getting a dev instance setup.

I've updated the RFR docs a good deal today. Please see:


herlo: who is working on this? you and nb? Anyone else? It would be good to have several people involved so there's not any SPOF.
Could you drop an email to the infrastructure list with an update on this and plans, etc?


It's pretty much just me. nb will likely help me from a support role, of course.



ok, there's a paste01.dev.fedoraproject.org dev/test instance now for you.

Members of sysadmin-paste can login and sudo.

You may want to look at getting some more folks interested in helping with it, so you are not a single point of failure down the road if issues come up. Please let us know when you might be ready to move on to the next phase (staging setup, puppeting and decisions about caching/proxy).

I would like to use this ticket for sticky-notes. We've already put in place the dev server at paste01.dev.fedoraproject.org. It's time to move to staging. Athmane has created a puppet config already for this and we'd like to roll it out.

ok. paste01.stg.phx2.fedoraproject.org has been created.

We need to:

  • setup a database for it on the stg database server.

  • Configure apache/haproxy/varnish to properly forward in paste.stg.fedoraproject.org to it.

We need to:

  • setup a database for it on the stg database server.

We need a mysql db and db user with 'select, update, delete, insert' privs, the installer requires 'create index' but we can bypass that by dumping/importing db from dev/stg with a privileged user.

  • Configure apache/haproxy/varnish to properly forward in paste.stg.fedoraproject.org to it.

My plan is to temporary setup paste without rev. proxy support, make sure it works, then add rev. proxy stack.

ok. Can you get me a db dump from dev that is setup as you like and the users sql setup and I can add it to db02.stg.

I think you will have to setup proxy at least, as paste01.stg.phx2.fedoraproject.org doesn't have any direct external access. You could leave haproxy and varnish out of the picture to start with though. ;)

Db dump of the current mysql db can be found at: ~athmane/fedora_pastebin.sql on paste01.dev

DB name : pastebin
DB username: pastebin_user

For password you can export from private repo as "<%= pastebinPassword %>"

(you can use other names if you like)

ok, I created and loaded the db.

I created two puppet variables:

pastebin_user (which is 'pastebin_user' for now)

So, you should be able to connect with and use that user/pass for access to the db.

One other thing, can we have this build [1] (fedora skin) into infrastructure repo.

[1] http://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/taskinfo?taskID=4512485

I've been testing this today, it's looking good so far. I've also got a patch for fpaste, which can be applied to the git checkout at http://git.fedorahosted.org/cgit/fpaste.git/

It's attached for your testing and enjoyment! :)

So, we have the production one all setup and ready.

Things we need to do before we can close this:

  • Change fpaste to point to the production instance now, push updates.

  • Change fpaste.org to be a cname? Or whatever fpaste owners want to do on that side.

  • Announce

Anything else?

The above list looks good to me. I'll wait for others to pipe in as well.

As for fpaste, I have a patch all ready to go. I've attached it here so it can be pushed upstream and tested.

paste is live and running. :)

Thanks everyone for all the excellent work on this...

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