#1588 Kernel Upgrade / Reboot for servers
Closed: Fixed None Opened 13 years ago by smooge.

There have been several kernel updates since our last reboot and they fix various security issues we would like not to see.

We (ricky, abadger1999, skvidal, and some others) will reboot the systems on Thursday August 13, 2009 starting at 18:00 UTC. This will allow for 2 hours before the next infrastructure meeting to record any sky is falling events.

Order of systems will be determined at time of reboots.

There is an initial checklist of machines to update in the "2009-08-13 Update" document in gobby - we can hopefully use that to track where we are and check things off as we go.

Systems were updated and rebooted according to schedule. Some lessons learned were that:

1) Check with releng that a system is in their critical fix.
2) Move critical systems to iscsi so they can be dropped on one and brought up on another.
3) Update/rebuild system puppet1 is FIRST (eg puppets xen hardware, other xen guests)
4) Update/rebuild database servers NEXT so logins etc work
5) Do non-local systems Next.
6) Keep going.

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