#1579 RFR: Hosting for AutoQA test hardware
Closed: Fixed None Opened 13 years ago by jlaska.

== Project Sponsor ==

  • '''Name''': James Laska

  • '''Fedora Account Name''': jlaska

  • '''Group''': Fedora QA Admin Group

  • '''Infrastructure Sponsor''': Mike McGrath and Jesse Keating

== Secondary Contact info ==

  • '''Name''': Will Woods

  • '''Fedora Account Name''': wwoods

  • '''Group''': Fedora QA Admin Group

== Project Info ==

  • '''Project Name''': AutoQA

  • '''Target Audience''': Consumers of Fedora rawhide interested in automated daily test result presentation

  • '''Expiration/Delivery Date (required)''': 2009-09-10

  • '''Description/Summary''': Test hardware for AutoQA project

  • '''Project plan (Detailed)''': See https://fedorahosted.org/autoqa/milestone/israwhidebroken.com

  • '''Goals''': The first major milestone is to provide public review of daily rawhide test results intended to satisfy the question: ''Is rawhide broken?'' To satisfy this, we are using an autotest server along with bare metal test client systems.

== Specific resources needed ==

  • Server - Virt system with access to mysql database and the following packages installed:
  • autotest, autoqa, Django

  • Clients - Bare metal hardware intended to run tests scheduled by autotest Server.

  • Existing hardware to be shipped to fedora-infrastructure
    • 2 x 1U HP Proliant DL360
  • Requirements for hardware:
    • Network power support needed
    • Remote console needed (iLO available on systems)

== Additional Info (Optional) ==

  • In the process of securing 2 additional rackable server systems to deliver to infrastructure. '''Planned''' specs:
  • Form factor: 1U or 2U
  • CPU: At ''least'' dual quad-core
  • Memory: At ''least'' 16Gib
  • Disk: 2 250G disks

qa1 (the server portion of this) is now up and running. You can get to it by sshing to bastion.fedoraproject.org then sshing to "qa1"

the recommended (optional) ssh config would be:
Host qa1
ProxyCommand ssh -A bastion.fedoraproject.org nc qa1 22

mmcgrath: is there a recommended procedure for re-provisioning qa1 to a RHEL5 system?

I'd recommend the IBM x3550. We have a bunch already is all so it'd be easy to manage.

Additional requirements:

1) rail kit
2) remote management (with the IBM's it'd be an RSA-II card)
3) 24x7 on site warranty for at least 3 years if you plan on using them for 3 years :)

optional requirement:
1) dual power supply

I think this is all done. Feel free to re-open if there's further things to do...

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