#1573 Remove "All rights reserved" from fedoraproject footers and code
Closed: Fixed None Opened 12 years ago by toshio.

The term "All rights reserved" isn't needed and is incorrect. All of our content and applications are licensed more freely than that. We need to remove "All rights reserved" from the footers of our publically displayed content. We can mention (and link) to the actual license for the content at the same time. See:

This includes:
* All Fedora Infrastructure created web applications
* We can also make the footers take a set of links to source from the configuration file at the same time for AGPL compliance to ticket #1503
* packagedb
* bodhi
* fedora elections
* fas
* Templates for fedorahosted
* Templates for the wiki
* Templates for docs.fedoraproject.org
* Templates for static web pages.
* Others?

The headers in code should also be changed since the code should all be under a more permissive license. We can do this as we relicense our code for ticket #1503 .

I don't know everyone involved and there might be more web apps as well. Feel free to add apps and people.

I've updated this on:

  • fedorahosted.org
  • fedoraproject.org
  • fedoraproject.org/wiki
  • fedorapeople.org
  • start.fedoraproject.org
  • talk.fedoraproject.org
  • FAS git
  • All the planets
  • fingerprints page
  • haproxy outage page
  • mediawiki skin
  • trac template
  • torrent sites

these should all show up at those pages' respective sync times.

python-fedora source code has been cleansed of "All rights reserved" as a byproduct of changing the licensing to LGPLv2+.

I fixed this in my working tree for bodhi.

Packagedb has been fixed in bzr. Changes present in 0.4.1

Is there any open sites that have this? I don't see it on fp.o or any of the other subdomains.

Should this be closed?

I've just removed it from elections. I say we close this and reopen individual tickets if we find any sites/code that has it in it.

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