#1557 zodbot should return tickets from tracs of respective channels.
Closed: Fixed None Opened 10 years ago by susmit.

I noticed this a few days ago.
If I do a .ticket 54 on #fedora-art, it still returns ticket 54 from infrastructure trac.
Ideally, zodbot should return the ticket 54 from art team trac, when it is on that channel.

Hey, just a note - when the next supybot-fedora release happens, we will have a .design command that will show design tickets.

That is only an workaround IMHO. In that case, we have to design a command for each channel. Given the number of IRC channels, it will be too much of work to find out right command. The better idea will be to make zodbot a bit more intelligent, so that it can "sense" the channel.

It's really not that bad. It gives the benefit that we can use the same shortcuts no matter what channel we are in (for example, the .bug command will be implemented with the exact same code, and will be useful to have everywhere).

fedora-admin is an excellent example of a channel where all of .ticket, .bug, and .rel (releng tickets) are often needed.

.design is added now, and we can add aliases for any other tracs as desired.

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