#1534 I have not account on fedorabugs even if I'm @rh.c person
Closed: Fixed None Opened 13 years ago by varekova.

Hello, I can't add fedora‑cvs flag to "?" = I'm not in fedorabugs group even if I'm @rh.c. Moreover I find out I'm not the first case, so I'm not sure whether it is not a problem for all group @rh.c. Please could you look at it.

"I'm not in fedorabugs group " You seem to be in the fedorabugs group. Are you still not seeing the dropdowns you'd expect to see?

Hi, I just looked at the history for your bugzilla account, and it seems that dkl removed fedora_bugs from your groups at some point - maybe it was a mistake?

I had a change made in bugzilla that took away automatic flag rights to fedora flags. It was violating fedora policies that said you need to be a member of different groups to have access. i added you to the fedorabugs group since your in the packager group. please have anyone that is having issues apply for fedorabugs in fas. I will keep an eye and make sure to approve anyone needing approval.

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