#1488 Install MasterTicketsPlugin on infrastructure Trac

Created 8 years ago by mchua
Modified 5 years ago

http://trac-hacks.org/wiki/MasterTicketsPlugin gives Trac tickets a "blocked" and "blocked by" field. This is a rough equivalent of bugzilla's "tracking ticket" feature.

Enabling it in this trac instance (https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure) would enable us to use Trac for project task-tracking. In particular, the Websites team would like to use it as a project tracker and be able to set tickets like #1482 as being blocked by others. An example of this plugin's usage on another Trac instance is here: http://dev.laptop.org/ticket/3516

Installation is simple and straightforward, and outlined on the plugin's site. It involves placing it in the plugins folder, adding 7 lines to trac.ini, and running {{{trac-admin /path/to/env upgrade}}}.

The first step is to package the plugin in Fedora, so I'll assign this to myself and take that on.

Hold on a bit.

We run trac-0.10 (rhel5.3) on hosted*.fp.o and, this plugin is broken against this release.[[BR]]
Trac needs to be update to trac-0.11 in order to proceed.

However, this requires some trend work to check that all trac's plugins that we use work[[BR]]
without any breakage on release 0.11 and other python related packages release.[[BR]]

Thanks for the catch. This is blocked by #1097, Trac upgrade on fedorahosted.

This can move forward now, but someone needs to package the plugin. ;)

It's done and packaged and installed. ;) Enjoy.

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