#1464 Puppet Web Apps Refactoring
Closed: Fixed None Opened 12 years ago by ricky.

This is just a tracking ticket for the work on refactoring how our web applications are currently managed in puppet.

Currently, the following applications have been refactored in staging:

  • fp.o static pages
  • FAS
  • Mediawiki
  • Transifex

The following main apps still remain:

  • PackageDB
  • Bodhi
  • Fedora Community
  • Smolt
  • Elections
  • docs.fp.o

and probably few other things.

OK, I've converted every web app I could find in the current proxy apache configs. The next step is to think about how to actually do the move.

This is live now, and I've made an attempt to clean out the old files from puppet.

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