#1456 Show current bittorrent stats on torrent.fedoraproject.org
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On today's Board meeting we've discussed that it'd be very nuce to show current transfer stats on torrent.fedoraproject.org. How many people are downloading it right now, how much bandwidth is being used etc. Pretty exciting for someone visiting that page on release day.

Interesting stats could include # of people currently downloading, serving (seeds), bandwidth.

That's great. Can we include the last columns on the nifty page default torrent page? Basically we'd be interested to see how much data we have served in total for each release.

I don't think it is easily possible to add those statistics to the torrent.fedoraproject.org page. CCing skvidal to see what he thinks though.

No, it's not - but, we could put a link to torrent.fedoraproject.org:6969 to the front page.

that has all the stats.

Dimitris - does Seth's suggestion sound good to you? If so, we can get those templates updated soon.

I don't think such an approach solves our problem.

What we are looking for is a marketing item, for the interest of our users and journalists mostly. They will go to page with a different port and see a page which is very, very technical. We want a 'wow' factor like the one raised by this page:


Anything 'wow' conveyed with a few numbers would be great, IMO. Eg. how many users are downloading Fedora X the moment or the bandwidth we're serving via bittorrent.

Aren't the bittorrent stats available as CSV or JSON for easier parsing? :/

The info is not available in any other format automatically. We can parse the data from the bttrack.dat file and output it other formats if that is needed.

what data do we need from bttrack.dat?

The following would be nice:

  • How many downloads did we have (number, bandwidth)
  • How many people are downloading at the moment (number, bandwidth)

Showing "X downloads per second" could be nice too.

wow, this was fixed long ago and never closed.

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