#136 Translated Website
Closed: Fixed None Opened 13 years ago by mmcgrath.

By Fedora 9 we need to have a translated website. At a minimum this would include our basic managed content such as:

  • Main Page
  • Get Fedora
  • Join Fedora
  • About Fedora

How we do the translations and get them on the website and get that to the people is still up for discussion

To give an update on this the templates/buildscript can now use translations using gettext. Presently, this requires somewhat ugly changes in the templates, but hopefully, this will no longer be the case when Genshi 0.5 comes out.

It'd be nice to make use of Transifex to make the PO files accessible to translators. I should also start working on some basic docs/special requirements for website translation soon (since the build script might choke for a language if the markup is invalid, etc.

While there is a structure for translating images that contain text, I'm not sure how this will be managed yet.

This looks like it will be done prior to F8, so I'm moving it to F8

Looks like we're all set on this. Closing ticket.

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