#130 Add menubar to common templates
Closed: Fixed None Opened 14 years ago by toshio.

We should have a menu in the common templates for all TG apps that have links to:

Could we use wsgi middleware for this?

Skip the first part; jump to 2 minutes, ~15 seconds -> http://vimeo.com/52403245#

Discussed this in #fedora-apps today.

Atached a quick and dirty mockup of a menubar. From left to right:
* Fedora logo
* Current application, click to show shortcuts to all the other applications
* Bunch of empty space
* Username, click to drop down menu with logout and quick links to FAS and FMN settings
* FMN notifications button -- thinking of a round, gray, empty circle; turns red and has a number when you have unread notifications. Alternatively do what everybody else actually does and have some icon which either changes color or has a smaller red number badge


I'd like to pick this up.

Sent my initial thoughts to the design and infrastructure mailing lists.

This is actually in place pretty much everywhere now. ;)

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