#1274 Frequent Problems with Damned Lies on app1 or app2

Created 8 years ago by asgeirf
Modified 8 years ago

I'm getting frequent reports from translators that DL gives python errors related to a 'corrupt database' or 'sql logic error'. These seem to come and go automagically.

I suspect this has to do with the synchronization of the sqlite3 database from bapp1->{app1&app2}, perhaps while this is being updated on bapp1. Any ideas on how we can fix this?

I need to catch it in the act. Next time you see this, can you give me the URL in #fedora-admin?

Ok, this is a race condition related to how we're generating / syncing the content. I'll have a final fix in after the change freeze is fixed.

K, I think this shouldn't happen anymore. It might happen once more in the next hour, after that though never again.

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