#1264 perl-sig@fedoraproject.org could do with forward to fedora-perl-devel-list
Closed: Fixed None Opened 12 years ago by pghmcfc.

I recently requested EPEL branches for the following packages:

  • perl-Net-SSH-Perl
  • perl-Crypt-DSA
  • perl-Crypt-RSA
  • perl-Crypt-DH
  • perl-Math-GMP
  • perl-Tie-EncryptedHash
  • perl-Data-Buffer
  • perl-Digest-MD2
  • perl-Digest-BubbleBabble

In order to allow the Perl SIG commit access to these branches, I requested that perl-sig be added as co-owner of the branches with me. I suspect this may not have been the right thing to do, because for all but two of these packages (perl-Crypt-RSA and perl-Net-SSH-Perl), I got bounces relating to CVS commits, because the commits were sent to packagename-owner@fedoraproject.org and this then forwarded to perl-sig@fedoraproject.org, which is a non-existent address.

Perhaps the reason that perl-Crypt-RSA and perl-Net-SSH-Perl didn't generate bounces is that this problem has already been addressed; I don't know. If not, I think a clean solution would be for mail to that address to be forwarded to fedora-perl-devel-list, which should reach all SIG members.

This should be working now. We had a brief outage of these aliases as they were marked as inactive and we enabled a new script that does not create aliases for inactive accounts.

The alias has been restored and we're working on adding a new status type that won't expire.

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