#1230 Update Bodhi to push epel packages
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Koji can now build EPEL packages but we need bodhi changes in order to be able to push the packages to the servers. here's the run down on stuff todo:

  • New signing box for epel. This just keeps the fedora and epel keys separate and lets the two groups of signers control of their keys better.
  • About a day with lmacken and some epel-signers to tweak stuff togther. lmacken doesn't have access to the signing keys. The initial work to add the EPEL targets should be easy but there's places that will have hardcoded "fedora" that will need to be found and updated. So a few iterations of tweak, test, tweak will be needed.
  • Probably deploy after change freeze since tweaks will likely be widespread in the code... so could impact the ability to get fedora beta ready.

We also discussed:
* Separate mash box for bodhi.
* This could have two benefits:
* Deploy during change freeze since tweaks would occur here and not impact the Fedora bodhi
* Spread the load of mashing
* Also has some cons:
* Requires teaching the front ends to talk to multiple backends -- complexity
* NFS is our bottleneck, adding new masher boxes probably won't help

  • Do the pushes manually. This would entail:
    1. they'd have to run the signing scripts
    2. move all of the builds to the appropriate koji tags
    3. run mash.
  • Cons: this leaves out updateinfo.xml.gz, email notices, bugzilla interaction, repo sanity checking, build tag/status sanity checking
  • the current push scripts might be adapted to send email but we wouldn't have bugzilla and repo sanity checks and build checks would have to be recoded

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help here.

As far as bodhi goes, the following changes will need to be made:

  • bodhi.util.get_pkg_pushers is used to get the ACL's for a given package. Right now, this defaults to looking in the Fedora collection, and it will need to query the EPEL collection when necessary
  • bodhi.mail module will need to be updated with an EPEL update notice template
  • EPEL mash configuration files will need to be added to bodhi/config
  • bodhi/model.py has some Bugzilla logic that looks for the 'Fedora' component. This will need to be altered to look for EPEL as well.
  • 'Fedora' is hardcoded in some of the templates, such as testing.kid. This is not a huge deal, but it should probably be configurable

After those changes are made, it will then just be a matter of setting it up, and then trying to push a batch of updates through.

i can take some of tasks from luke's request

looking at this now.

The bugzilla logic seems to be generic and should work just fine for Fedora and EPEL.

is this working now? since i'm not able to push updates through the web interface into epel-5.

Push through bodhi is not ready yet, we'll make an announce when it will.[[BR]]
For now, you still have to request a push (when it's urgent) as usual. We're still doing it the old way.

We are now using Bodhi to push EL-4 and EL-5 updates.

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