#1215 Remove README* from IndexIgnore on fedorapeople?
Closed: Fixed None Opened 12 years ago by rayvd.

Since we already have !ReadmeName and !HeaderName set for fedorapeople, if I override them I lose either the header or the footer.

I'd sometimes like to include a README file, but this is excluded by default in httpd.conf. Could we perhaps change !IndexIgnore to the following:

IndexIgnore .?? ~ # HEADER RCS CVS ,v ,t

Unfortuntely this directive is additive so I can't override it with an .htaccess file.

I can always just call my README files "INFO" or something else so this obviously isn't a huge deal if there's any objection.

I'm in sysadmin-test and have been meaning to try and help out more -- is this something I could feasibly change and save you guys the trouble?

I've just removed README* from IndexIgnore. It should be all set after the next puppet run (in the next 30 minutes)

Thanks Mike. Still not seeing this change reflected on people1:

$ grep ^IndexIgnore /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf
IndexIgnore .?? ~ # HEADER README RCS CVS ,v *,t

(Also, README file still not showing up in directory listing [http://rayvd.fedorapeople.org/mutt/ here]).

Strange. Seems puppet was not running properly on that host, I did a manual run and seems to be working just fine now.

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