#1196 Deploy Review Board for use by hosted projects
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Review Board is a tool for managing code reviews. Digium has been successfully using it to review code submissions for Asterisk for several months now. It would be very useful to offer this to hosted projects for their use.

Home page:

Digium's installation:

Review Board itself would need to be packaged, but it appears that all of the dependencies are already in Fedora:


i created Reviewboard and Djblets rpms
sinse this is my first stime maybe someone should check my spec files?

I poked at the Review Board spec a bit more, making rpmlint mostly happy:



Can you open Review Request tickets in bugzilla as described here:


did this review request ever get submitted? What was the result if so?

Replying to [comment:9 jstanley]:

did this review request ever get submitted? What was the result if so?


I've updated the ReviewBoard review, and its dependent djblets review, with updated SRPMS/specfiles reflecting the most recent upstream code releases, and fixing some rpmlint issues.

However, I wasn't the original requester. I'm not sure what the procedure is here; I'd be happy to comaintain the packages, or maintain them for at least the short-term.

ReviewBoard is now packaged in Fedora, and the koji build for rawhide is available here:

Awesome - has it been branched for EPEL? It needs to run on RHEL5 for us to use it still :)

I am working on branching it to EPEL. Currently, all its dependencies save one are already available in EPEL or the primary repositories. I am a co-maintainer of the python-djblets package, so I will work on getting both branched for EPEL-5.

So, hopefully just a few days and this will be working on RHEL5.

https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=487097 (ReviewBoard) and https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=487098 (python-djblets, a prerequisite) have been requested for RHEL5 branching.

FYI, I've just put a note in to the fedora-infrastructure-list on this, my time is tight at the moment so hopefully someone will step up and help out. The main concerns here for me are the things I don't know, like storage, cpu and memory requirements. We've got load issues already on hosted and I'd hate to make them worse. Having said that, newer versions of trac and a different git-web will help us with our load, we've just had issues upgrading at the moment.

I discovered an issue with the ReviewBoard package listed above. I have created a new package - https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates/ReviewBoard- - to address this.

I have successfully tested this package on an EL5 system with sqlite as the database and Apache+mod_python as the webserver platform.

I'm willing to assist the infrastructure team in getting a copy of ReviewBoard up and running for testing and inclusion.

Just to let you know that Anaconda team would be glad to have this app. Our patch review process kind of overgrew the mailing list way. This app would make it manageable again.

It would be great if the tool, once activated, could be reachable through a button in the trac button bar. Just like the Browse Source button.

packages needed:

Django django-evolution mx neon patchutils pysvn python-djblets python-flup python-imaging pytz tix tk tkinter

Also required: postgresql-pythonpython-memcached git subversion mercurial ReviewBoard python-psycopg2 memcached python-memcached httpd mod_python

ReviewBoard is deployed currently, so I think we can close this now?

Do re-open if there's further things to deploy.

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