#11931 Issue with Fedora 40 i686 koji builder's repository
Closed: Upstream a month ago by kevin. Opened a month ago by jussilehtola.

I am trying to build an update of python-pyscf on f40. However, the koji build has now failed three times. Examining the task


shows a failure on the i686 architecture, with the following error in root.log:

DEBUG util.py:463:  Updating and loading repositories:
DEBUG util.py:463:   build                                  100% | 122.2 KiB/s |   3.8 KiB |  00m00s
DEBUG util.py:463:  Repositories loaded.
DEBUG util.py:461:  Failed to resolve the transaction:
DEBUG util.py:461:  No match for argument: python3-h5py
DEBUG util.py:461:  You can try to add to command line:
DEBUG util.py:461:    --skip-unavailable to skip unavailable packages
DEBUG util.py:610:  Child return code was: 1

Obviously, a 3.8 KiB build repo database is nonsense; scrolling up in the file shows a much more reasonably sized repository

DEBUG util.py:463:  Updating and loading repositories:
DEBUG util.py:463:   build                                  100% |  34.2 MiB/s |  15.4 MiB |  00m00s
DEBUG util.py:463:  Repositories loaded.

Since python3-h5py does have a i686 package on Fedora 40
which also should be in the repository, the koji builders seem to need some TLC...

Metadata Update from @kevin:
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a month ago

This does not appear to have anything to do with builders, they are just doing what they are told to do. :)

The latest h5py in f40 is h5py-3.10.0-6.fc40 and that version has i386/i686 disabled.

There is a newer one with that reverted, but it seems to have never been submitted as an update and has been moved to the trashcan:

Wed Apr 24 09:09:53 2024 h5py-3.10.0-7.fc40 untagged from f40-updates-candidate by oscar
Tue Apr 30 04:21:14 2024 h5py-3.10.0-7.fc40 tagged into trashcan by oscar [still active]

So, this is a h5py issue. The maintainer needs to rebuild it with the i386 exclude reversed and push that as a f40 update.

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- Issue status updated to: Closed (was: Open)

a month ago

Thanks for the clarification; I was just confused since koji said h5py-3.10.0-7.fc40 has been built.

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