#11924 EPEL9 repodata created with newer createrepo_c breaking compat for el8
Closed: Fixed with Explanation a month ago by kevin. Opened a month ago by arrfab.

We got a ticket in centos-infra about issue with external repos dependencies issue on epel9

long-story short : we have RHEL8 createrepo_c pkgs on our cbs.centos.org infra and it's not able to parse zstd compression, which is now the one used for epel 9 :

Critical: Cannot load repo: "https://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/epel/next/9/Everything/x86_64/" : Error encountered while parsing:primary.xml parsing: Cannot open /tmp/koji/tasks/476/3960476/createrepo_c_tmp_repo_qLYHPA/repodata/4a517e26b96f3a03d135e5e58e93cafd21f912b5c72261520d6b53783f172859-primary.xml.zst: Cannot detect compression type

Is there a way to revert at the Fedora infra side that createrepo_c upgrade, or at least ensure that it would be backward compatible with still supported RHEL versions like RHEL 8 ?

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a month ago

Thanks for pointing this out, I put up a pr for this to fix at ansible here: https://pagure.io/fedora-infra/ansible/pull-request/2021, I guess once this gets merged this would unblock that issue hopefully?

CC: @kevin, @humaton

@jnsamyak thanks a lot ! After it will have been pushed and next repodata update (bodhi ?) being produced, it should fix the repodata issue indeed.

ok, this is only epel9-next right?

So, I think either:

  1. There has been no epel9-next pushes since we set things the way they are now.
  2. epel9-next is inheriting from default/fedora instead of 'epel' ?

CC: @mattia

ok, this is only epel9-next right?

nope : parsing epel9 from rhel8 (see above) is causing issue too

epel9 is using gz compression, so I don't understand why it should raise any error:

epel9-next (and epel8-next) is indeed inheriting its config from Fedora and that's an error.
I've filed https://pagure.io/fedora-infra/ansible/pull-request/2026

should be fixed now.

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