#11853 Request for access to rabbitmq/AMQP instance
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This is a follow up on https://github.com/openscanhub/fedora-infra/issues/3#issuecomment-2018402910

Please create rabbitmq/AMQP configurations for staging and production deployments for OpenScanHub. They should be accessible in the OpenShift deployments.

Also, please provide some reference how the existing services integrate with the messaging infrastructure.

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2 months ago

For the integration, you need few things to be added to playbook:

  • role: rabbit/user
  • fedora-messaging certificate

See release-monitoring playbook for reference.

In role itself you need to add config.toml to configmap.

For integration of the app itself see fedora-messaging documentation.

@zlopez Thanks! It seems very likely that it would need some extra work from OpenScanHub side to support fedora-messaging. But it would be useful for both PackIt, Fedora CI (and other) projects. I am currently in the process of stabilizing staging deployment, so I can not start working on it immediately. However, I would get back to this when we have started with integrating with other services.

We can leave this issue open for now.

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