#11845 RFR: Requesting a new FAS Group: COSMIC SIG
Closed: Fixed with Explanation a month ago by kevin. Opened a month ago by ryanabx.


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Describe what you would like us to do:

In preparation for the upcoming COSMIC desktop environment by System76, I'd like to request resources for a COSMIC SIG. We have all cosmic components packaged (still working on polishing them) and plenty of interest, including from some of the System76 employees.

SIG wiki page: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/COSMIC

I'd like to request the following:
cosmic-sig@ (sig-internal for BZ emails) and cosmic@ (devel discussion) mailing lists
cosmic-sig FAS group (so we can have group co-maintainership of packages and a copr group)
* #cosmic:fedoraproject.org primary name for the existing #cosmic:fedora.im room

When do you need this to be done by? (YYYY/MM/DD)

As soon as comfortably possible (preferably before May at the absolute latest)

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a month ago

ok. I have:

  • setup the cosmic-sig fas group and made you manager of it.
  • created the (private) cosmic-sig and (public) cosmic lists with you as owner.
  • added the cosmic-sig to src.fedoraproject.org with you as member
  • added a 'cosmic:fedoraproject.org' address to the matrix channel.

Next steps:

  • You should go to bugzilla.redhat.com and create a 'cosmic-sig@lists.fedoraproject.org' account. The confirm email will go to the list and you can see it in moderation and finish the account creation. This is required to allow us to assign bugs to the group. Until you do this, automation may nag you. ;)

  • I created the cosmic:fedoraproject.org local address, but I can't set it primary until you add my kevin:fedoraproject.org user as admin in the room. If you can do that I can make it primary and add the group to the space. ;)

I'll go ahead and close this since those things are mostly on you, but feel free to re-open if there's any further actions for us on this side.

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a month ago

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