#11825 Cleaning script for communishift
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As communishift is now up and announced we should create an ansible playbook to do the cleaning and update the post release docs, so it's not forgotten.

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Not urgent, but sooner the better

@zlopez do you have an example of cleaning the post release doc ?
Anyway, I can work on it , but need clarification from someone who worked on it .

@kevin Do we have some docs for post release steps that needs to be done by Fedora Infra or is this part of release engineering guide?

Really the 'cleaning' here should just be 'oc delete project/$i' for all projects (that are not openshift-*/system ones)

Perhaps we could enhance the existing playbook for communishift to remove the projects instead of adding them, then you run that and remove them from the list in git.

We do have https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/infra/release_guide/final_release/ but perhaps we could add a 'post final release' one?

@kevin I agree that adding post final release guide makes sense as this shouldn't be bothering people during release.

After DevConf.CZ and discussion happening there, I would like to add that part of this should be also some announcements sent to contacts for communishift projects that will let owners know the post release cleaning is coming.
This could happen a month before the release and then again 14 days, so owners have time to react.

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I saw this get built by someone at my university some years back, so maybe its not too hard to adapt to the communishift cluster and infra: https://github.com/WillNilges/ShelfLife

looks like it was also built for an openshift cluster and i believe it was also set up to notify people via email when their stuff was about to expire.

As far as scheduling when things get deleted, i think it may be nice to reuse the same date as the EOL-ing of F[N-2] (so 2024-11-12 for F41, see https://fedorapeople.org/groups/schedule/f-41/f-41-key-tasks.html) to give users an extra heads up well in advance (i.e. the user docs could document that the deletion date is around the time of the EOLing of the fedora release).

That said, an arbitrary date like that that may change every cycle may be a moving target thats hard to pin down and automate things against.

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