#1180 Mailman archive pages on lists.fedoraproject.org are f*ugly
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If you compare these two pages you can see that the Mailman archiver that redhat.com is using sorts the output in to something much nicer. For example, on redhat.com, author and date views are grouped by author and date; the lists.fp.o version shows them in a long lists in author and date order but otherwise ungrouped.




Yeah, it seems they use Mhonarch there instead of the built in pipermail that mailman has.

I guess we could look at switching to that, or see if htdig or some other setup would work better.

Any news on this issue?

Now that the Fedora updates list has been moved you can no longer look at the "date" page to see which updates were released on what date. Basically the page has become useless now :-(

Pretty please, with sugar on top?

Is anyone interested in working on this? I probably won't have the time for the rest of this week.

I will have a look this week-end.

I don't think MHonArc is packaged for RHEL/EPEL, though it is in Fedora. It might require someone to become an EPEL maintainer if we wanted to use it. :)

We should also make any archive change soon, assuming such a change would require us to regenerate the archives. Maybe it doesn't though, I've got very little experience with switching out pipermail for mhonarc. I think I played with it many years ago, before it packaged and before I was all that good at packaging and admin.

It's not. also not painful to include it to EPEL.[[BR]]

Here's patche to integrate mhonarc to mailman easily.[[BR]]
Thoughts about it would be really good before move on (i.e How painful it could be),[[BR]]

I would also like some thoughts about this one:[[BR]]
patch #444884 from the same link.

I haven't used Richard's patches myself, but I do know that he used to be quite active on the mailman-users and mailman-developers list and a good number of folks in the mailman community use his patches. For all I know, that's what the redhat.com mailman install is using (it may even be worth asking Marek). :)

The main pain I suspect will be in regenerating the archives (and breaking any links folks have made in list messages to the new lists.fp.o URLs), which I presume is needed to make the switch (if it's not, that would be great). AFAIK, we'd need to shutdown delivery to do the archive rebuilding and some of the large lists take quite a while to build. I'm not sure if mhonarc would be any faster at that or not.

Long ago the one complaint I vaguely remember seeing about the htdig integration was that it used up a lot of resources to index. That was a long time ago though and I imagine systems have gotten so much faster that it's hardly an issue.

I don't know the current status of this, but I recently came across a tool that integrates with mailman to provide nicer archive pages with search:


I'd be happy to provide nice CSS for it if we could get it running for the lists.fedoraproject.org lists....

Oops...did not mean to do this...?

We are moving things to mailman3, archives should be much nicer then, please file bugs on hyperkitty if you want changes there.

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