#11777 Cannot comment on gnome-control-center, cannot merge merge requests "Forbidden You have been blocked from this project"
Closed: Fixed 3 months ago by catanzaro. Opened 3 months ago by catanzaro.

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When I try to leave comments on the gnome-control-center project on src.fedoraproject.org, the "Submit Comment" button becomes insensitive, and then nothing happens. This has been broken for at least three weeks now.

I can comment on the gnome-initial-setup project without issue, so the problem seems to be specific to gnome-control-center.

I'm able to push commits without difficulty. But I cannot merge pull requests. When I try to merge a pull request, it says:


You have been blocked from this project

That's weird, because I don't think pagure has settings for blocking people from projects. At least, I can't find any such settings for projects where I am an admin. I wonder why I'm blocked.

(And Pagure really should display some sort of error message instead of just failing to add a comment, but I guess you probably don't track pagure issues here.)

When do you need this to be done by? (YYYY/MM/DD)

Please investigate when you can. Since a date is required, I'll arbitrary pick 2024/02/19

So, pagure does have a block_user thing... and indeed I do see you blocked for that project, but no clear idea why or how that could have happened.

I will unblock you. Huh, and I can't unblock you with the web interface... so I just did it in the db.

I wonder if someone was playing with that functionaly, added you to test, then couldn't remove it and didn't let anyone know?

Anyhow, try now?

Yeah, it's fixed now. Thanks!

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3 months ago

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