#11728 Create a VM in staging for mirrormanager crawler development
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My rewrite/refactoring of MirrorManager would be made much easier if I had a RHEL9 host in staging to test the development.
Not urgent but it would make me work faster.

I can haz VM?


We could easily make a mm-crawler02.stg vm... do you want it to use the existing crawler playbook? (or as far as it will go...)

I am wondering though if we couldn't do the crawler in openshift too? or was there a reason not to?

We have a guide for VM addition here.

Yeah my plan is to have the crawler run in openshift as well, it's just much harder to iterate on development with an openshift container.

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5 months ago

We have a guide for VM addition here.

That's not a great start:

$ git clone /srv/git/dns
Cloning into 'dns'...
warning: error opening directory '/srv/git/dns/objects/tmp_objdir-incoming-gIyHGQ/': Permission denied
fatal: failed to iterate over '/srv/git/dns/objects/'


Alright I'll try to figure it out

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