#11681 How do I set up FAS login for discussion.stg.fedoraproject.org?
Opened 4 months ago by mattdm. Modified 3 months ago

We have a staging site for Fedora Discussion (hosted upstream). How do I set up auth for that? I can log in via the emergency admin login to get the settings right, but I don't know what they should be. I guess this is a matter of an oauth2 id and client secret?

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4 months ago

I wanted to point mattdm to some guide, but I'm not able to find any. Do we have one?

Well, theres the ipsilon one:

I guess we need to adjust files/ipsilon/openidc.staging.static in private for the correct site name, etc...

@zlopez did you want to do this? Or want me to look at it?

I want to work on that, but currently working on something else.

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3 months ago

@mattdm Here is the info I need to add the application.

  • redirect_uris (OIDC callback URLs)
  • contacts
  • client_uri (URL of application)

And that should be it. I will then create a entry in ipsilon and find some way to sent the client_secret to you.

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3 months ago

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