#11648 Fedora Copr - upgrading infrastructure to Fedora 39 and to a new "November 2023" release
Closed: Fixed 3 months ago by praiskup. Opened 3 months ago by praiskup.

There will be a Fedora Copr outage starting at

date --date "2023-11-28 13:30 UTC"

The outage will last approximately 4 hours. The build queue processing will be
stopped during the outage, and the Frontend/Web-UI will be down most of the
time, too - so no new tasks will be accepted.

The Copr Backend repositories will not be available for approximately 30
minutes, so anyone using the dnf copr enable repositories can see 404 errors
during this outage. We'll try to minimize this "hard" outage as much as possible.

Reason for outage:
We will update the infrastructure machines to Fedora 39 (from Fedora 37), and
update the Copr packages to the latest upstream versions.

Affected Services:

Upstream ticket:

Please join Fedora Build System Matrix channel (or #fedora-buildsys on libera.chat) or add comments to this ticket.

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3 months ago

And the outage is over. Our copr-be data was down for ~15 minutes because of the snapshot automation (we had to fix a playbook online), otherwise it would be 5 minutes including reboot (6 volumes, raid10 and raid1, 48T in total).

Should you see any issues, please ping here or in the chat. Or submit an issue https://github.com/fedora-copr/copr/issues

Happy building!

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3 months ago

Release notes (but this time the outage was mostly about getting us from F37 to F39):

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