#1162 Set up patchwork for Fedora Hosted Mailing lists
Closed: Fixed None Opened 13 years ago by mdehaan.

Patchwork is a web app that makes it very easy to see patches on mailing lists, especially when not all mailing list posts contain patches, and manage which ones have been applied, etc.

For example:


Project page:


This would be very cool to have an instance running in Fedora Hosted for management of patches on mailing lists. I also suspect this would be useful for @redhat.com lists and perhaps it could run against those also (not sure).

I would really like to see this implemented for fedora project mailing lists.

Perhaps the project owners can opt in to patchwork once it is setup?

I'll take a look. Is it packaged in Fedora/EPEL?

Also, note that all @redhat.com lists that are fedora-* will be moving to lists.fedoraproject.org in the next 3 months, so we could set it up there.

I haven't packaged a Django app before, but it is Django. I'm figuring someone might be familiar with the way to go?

Not I. (going through some old tickets here). I'll ask around though, I think the new Transifex is Django too, so maybe glezos would have a grasp on it?

Has there been any progress on this ticket?

This doesn't seem to be packaged still.

How about we close it, and interested folks can get it packaged up and submit a RFR on it.

We do have some other Django apps, so they might be good to look at as to how to package it up.


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