#11542 Pagure to GitLab Importer Tool
Opened 3 months ago by amoloney. Modified 24 days ago


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Provide a short-term basis migration tool to import Pagure repos, issues, and pull request history into a new GitLab project.

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This request was previously open on the CPE Initiatives tracker, but due to its non-critical nature, it is not going to be staffed with a formal project team. The request is now triaged to infrastructure to be worked on through this avenue. More information can be found on the ARC investigation page & the original request in the initiatives repo is now closed.

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3 months ago

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3 months ago

The repository can be found here https://github.com/gridhead/protop2g.

Once the project is nearing its maturity, I will rename and publish it on PyPI and package it in Fedora to be used conveniently.

I think this could be closed now. @t0xic0der what do you think?

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