#11505 Deploy new sign hardware/software
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We are getting new replacement hardware for our sign-vault machines and we have a new autosign machine and new sigul is out and our current setup is using rhel8.

We need to:

  • get sigul-1.2 in epel9. (I am already doing this)
  • make backup of staging sigul data
  • reinstall autosign01.stg, sign-vault01.stg, sign-bridge01.stg with rhel9 and sigul 1.2
  • restore old data and confirm things work as expected
  • Install new sign-vault hardware once it arrives with rhel9 and deploy sigul 1.2 and a copy of prod data
  • stop robosignatory and sign-bridge/sign-vault.
  • bring up new sign-vault, then bridge, then test
  • bring up new autosign01/robosignatory and confirm all is working.

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7 months ago

Just as a status update here. I've got sigul 1.2 built and working on epel9. I have sign-bridge01.stg/sign-vault01.stg all installed with rhel9 and sigul 1.2 setup there.

I ran into a issue making a ECC key, need to sort that out and then test sign something in staging to test end to end.

So, making progress.

There's a few small issues left on sigul. Hopefully they will get fixed in the next week or so.

Hardware as arrived at the datacenter and should be racked week after next.

New hardware is in and racked.

I have installed sign-vault02 with rhel9.
The new sign-vault01 is racked, but I haven't installed anything on it yet.

The old sign-vault01 is still rhel8/old sigul. I need to test the new sigul and get everything working. Once it tests ok I will switch over to using sign-vault02 and then we can retire 01.

Just a (sorry, late) update here: I was poised to roll out the new version last week, but then... some security updates came along and took up all my time. ;(

If things are quiet this week, I might look at asking for a freeze break for it. Most everything is lined up, and it should be easy to back out if it causes issues.

F40 goes out tomorrow and final freeze is over wed... so I will probibly try and land this later this week if I can.

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