#114 Better account system support for "trivial" accounts
Closed: Fixed None Opened 12 years ago by toshio.

Since our TurboGears applications depend on people having valid FAS accounts we need to make it easy and intuitive for people to get FAS accounts solely for that purpose. We need:

1) An easy form to fill out for the basics: Name, email, username, password. Does not confuse the user with extra fields or asking them to join a group.

2) Support within web applications for this mode of operation: Some apps (like mirrormanager) are almost exclusively this way. Others, (like packagedb) only have a few options available to those who have not signed the cla.

3) Easy way to see the people who are not in a group. Tying it into the dump group cgi would work well. This SQL will get the information from FAS1::

{{{select human_name, id from person where id not in (select person_id from role);}}}

We do have this now. And python-fedora makes it easy to find lots of information about a person with sql.

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