#11155 Add some default tags to all projects on src.fp.o (for use in PRs)
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Would it be possible to please add some default tags that we package maintainers can use for PRs and the sort? For example, two useful ones would be:

  • not-ready
  • ready-to-merge

At the moment, when we're working on PRs that are not ready to merge, we have to modify the title to say "NOT READY TO MERGE ..." or "DO NOT MERGE". The use of tags is warranted here, but I don't see us adding these tags individually to all projects, so a default set would help. Maintainers who don't want to use them can just ignore them.

When do you need this to be done by? (YYYY/MM/DD)

Whenever convenient please

PS: should I e-mail -devel about this so folks can also comment on what tags they may find useful?

This is going to be a massive undertaking, as we would need to add these to all 36623 projects.

I suppose it's doable, just not easy.

There's also currently no way to set tags on initial PR creation, so this would need to be manually added after the PR is created.

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Yeh, I was hoping pagure had some global "default tags" setting that would then make them available to all projects. I guess the API allows adding tags programmatically, so I can probably hack up a script and just do my ~400 repos, instead of infra doing all the ~40000 repos?

Well, don't be hasty... we should look into this. Perhaps there's a better way than I am thinking... and if you go and do all yours you may end up with something slightly different from what we decide.

Is there a great urgency here?

No, no urgency at all. I'll wait for the infra team to see if there's an easy way of doing this first :thumbsup:

Meh, I like the DO NOT MERGE prefixes. They are very clear and hard to miss in ways that tags aren't.

Had a dig into pagure, and it looks like that there is no easy way of doing this (there is no concept of default tags in pagure)

@churchyard filed an issue a few years ago for basically (kinda) this feature:

That issue does ask if new tags can be added with the API -- it seems they can be now -- at least it is documented in the API docs:

look under "create a new tag on a project"

so really, at the moment, the only way to do this would be to write a script that uses the API to add the new tags for each repo, however every new package would not have those tags.

Meh, I like the DO NOT MERGE prefixes. They are very clear and hard to miss in ways that tags aren't.

But removing it unnecessarily restarts Zuul.

@ankursinha how do you want to proceed on this one?

AFAICT, there is no way in pagure to set default tags for current (or newly added packages/projects).

We could in theory run a script to add default tags to current packages, but that doesnt help us with future projects. I'm leaning towards closing this one as upstream with the currently open tickets in pagure

the currently open tickets in pagure are clearly not getting much friction :/

Yeh, I guess there's not much we can do.

If someone is savvy enough with the pagure API and can write up a quick script, I guess we could put it somewhere and let package maintainers know---folks that want to add tags to their projects can use it to do it themselves?

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