#1099 Remove exclamation marks!
Closed: Fixed None Opened 13 years ago by sundaram.

You mean the boxes on the right side? That's the answer! ;-) IMHO this is not a bug nor an issue. It's a question answered by a sentence - it's "cool" to do such things currently, also has some kind of marketing typicallyness and being lax.

I know ricky has been busy as of late so I'm going to re-assign this to webmaster and see what comes of it. If everything is fine, someone close this. If stuff still needs work then do it :)

I see three exclamation marks at this point. One is actually in text, two are in images. I think all the uses are justified at this point although I see exclamation marks as enthusiasm, and not as a stern tone or command, various people would have different opinions. Assigning this to myself, but it would help to have input from users around the world.

Okay they're not in images (Should look before I post next time, shouldn't I?).

Rahul, if this is fine for you please close the ticket. If not please re-open it

/me just doing some ticket cleanup.

Please reopen if still needed.

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