#10989 Authentication issues
Closed: Fixed 5 months ago by kevin. Opened 5 months ago by bcotton.

I cannot authenticate to the wiki. I just get a generic "Authentication error" message. I am able to log in to Accounts and Community Blog.

@adamw reported in chat about 9 hours ago that he could not log in to openqa (but could to Accounts)

I was able to log in finally, but I'll leave this ticket open in case y'all want to investigate (or if it recurs)

FWIW, @adamwill noted a problem at about 5:40 UTC in the Fedora Infra matrix channel. Ben reported further problems this morning. And I couldn't log into Fedora Magazine.

When I couldn't log into the Magazine, I tried to log into the account system and got this:


Note "Unauthorized: bad credentials."

I'm using a password manager, and also verified by hand, so I'm sure the credentials were correct.

I tried it right now and I was able to login to wiki and in the accounts.fedoraproject.org as well.

But it does happen for me on fedora magazine.

This is what I found in ipsilon log:
pam_sss(ipsilon:auth): received for user mattdm: 4 (System error)

But it seems like it's random. I was able to log in on second attempt to Fedora Magazine.

Found out the httpd on ipsilon01 machine is crashing a lot, but didn't found the cause for this.

EDIT: All the crashes are caused by SIGSEGV (Segmentation fault).

The crashes are happening on both ipsilon01 and ipsilon02.

I did restart sssd on ipsilon01... that in the past has fixed system errrors like the above one.

I don't know if thats the entire thing or something else is going on.

@kevin mentioned that there was python update on ipsilon machines recently.

So I restarted httpd service on both ipsilon01 and ipsilon02, which should now use the updated python packages and prevent future SIGSEGV. Let's see if this will solve the authentication issues.

We are still seeing httpd issues, but auth seems to be working normally again.

Please re-open if you see any further auth issues.

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