#1094 wiki default search no longer includes title
Closed: Fixed None Opened 13 years ago by quaid.

When running a search in the wiki, clicking on the ''Search'' button used to search both page titles and page contents for the search term. Currently, the wiki seems to be only doing page content searches and not title searches by default.

Was this a configuration change during the wiki upgrade?

Having titles searched by default seemed useful before. Now they are obscured behind ambiguous terminology:

'You searched for EOL (all pages starting with "EOL" | all pages that link to "EOL")'

The first links here:


The second links here:


The first link then contains the search term, but only because the title began with the term, not contained the term. This is an inferior search method.

Can we return the full search of titles by default?

Okay, this problem is a weird one, so I've got two responses:

Searching for words with less than 4 characters doesn't work, this is a bug in Mediawiki, that is fixed in 1.14.

I have changed one of our configuration options that seems to improved other searching dramatically (do a search for SELinux now).

Closing this ticket, now we are HNP free, we should be able to upgrade to 1.14 within a week or two of release.

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