#109 CVS group needed for fedora-sparc
Closed: Fixed None Opened 12 years ago by spot.

The Fedora SPARC team needs their own ACL group. In accordance with the Architecture policy, Architecture Maintainer Teams get special cvs access to all Fedora packages (except for glibc and kernel), in order to maintain their architecture directly.

Can you please create a "fedora-sparc" group, which consists of:


Then, make sure that fedora-sparc has the "special" cvs access, as described above.



Please define "Special cvs access to all fedora packages"

is this write access? read access? Do they need to be able to create branches and things or just check out a package, make a change, and commit it?

Yes. This is write access.

They need to be able to check out a package, make a change, and commit it.

ACLs tweaked (as of next ACL sync.)

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