#10838 Change users ML footer to point directly to issues
Closed: Fixed 2 years ago by kevin. Opened 2 years ago by bcotton.

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Someone on the users mailing list said the "report spam to pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure" in the footer doesn't seem to go anywhere useful. It might be helpful if we linked directly to the issues tab (or perhaps to new_issue with a new "report spam" template?)

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Time permitting

How does:

Do not reply to spam, report it: https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/new_issue


Or we could do a url shortener and populate the title/content?
Or we could do a template.

I think this is good enough. I'm not sure a template adds much, unless we start getting reports of spam with no useful information about what list it's on. Alternatively, we could use


as the link, which gives us the title without having to use a URL shortener. (My concern there is that people would be hesitant to follow an unknown link)

Either the change you suggested or the alternate with a title works, IMO. The only concern is that people might not look to see if it has been reported yet and we'd end up with a lot of duplicates. But I suppose that's a problem we can deal with if it happens.

The link with title overflows the 80 col footer a lot.

And this footer is used on all the lists. ;)

So, lets go with the simple one...

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