#10730 Update websites to Bootstrap 5
Opened 3 months ago by ryanlerch. Modified 2 months ago

Currently, many of our apps and websites use the Fedora Bootstrap theme:


However, this theme is based off Bootstrap 4, so it needs to be updated, and when this is done, update the themes on the apps that use it. Here is the issue to track the conversion in the upstream repo:


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3 months ago

Fedora Bootstrap 2.0.0 is now released, using boostrap 5.2 -- https://gitlab.com/fedora/websites-apps/themes/fedora-bootstrap/-/releases/v2.0.0

https://status.fedoraproject.org/ has also been updated to use the new stylesheets

I've started to port Bodhi to Fedora Bootstrap 2.0.0, but I'm currently unable to test the changes locally due to broken tiny-stage setup.
The WIP is here: https://github.com/fedora-infra/bodhi/pull/4601

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