#10609 rpm-specs-latest.tar.xz equivalents for EPEL branches
Closed: Fixed 23 days ago by ryanlerch. Opened a year ago by carlwgeorge.

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https://src.fedoraproject.org/lookaside/rpm-specs-latest.tar.xz is useful for packagers when they are looking to grep through all Fedora Rawhide spec files. I would like to be able to the same for all EPEL spec files (per branch). Please generate the following tarballs:

  • rpm-specs-latest-epel7.tar.xz
  • rpm-specs-latest-epel8.tar.xz
  • rpm-specs-latest-epel9.tar.xz

When do you need this to be done by? (YYYY/MM/DD)

No deadline, this is a nice to have only and doesn't block anything specific.

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a year ago

Guys, I would like to work on this issue.

Sounds good to me. Thanks @c4rt0

So, I merged the pr and ran this in staging (manually because the playbook disables it for stg normally).

It ran and finished fine, but:


It created the same rawhide based files. ;(
I was expecting it to make:


(and for bonus: fedora35/fedora36 too)

Anyhow, can you take a look at it and adjust it? I'm happy to run another test, or look more closely at the script (which I haven't really done).

Thanks again for working on this @c4rt0 !

Circling back to this the cron is sending an email each day. :)

I ran it manually and here's the end of the script:

++ basename /srv/git_seed/rpm-specs
+ tar -cf - -C/srv/git_seed rpm-specs
+ rm /srv/cache/lookaside//git-seed-20220930.tar.xz /srv/cache/lookaside//git-seed-latest.tar.xz     
+ rm /srv/cache/lookaside//rpm-specs-20220930.tar.xz /srv/cache/lookaside//rpm-specs-latest.tar.xz   
+ mv /srv/cache/lookaside//.git-seed-20220930.tar.xz /srv/cache/lookaside//git-seed-20220930.tar.xz  
+ mv /srv/cache/lookaside//.rpm-specs-20220930.tar.xz /srv/cache/lookaside//rpm-specs-20220930.tar.xz
+ ln -s git-seed-20220930.tar.xz /srv/cache/lookaside//git-seed-latest.tar.xz                        
+ ln -s rpm-specs-20220930.tar.xz /srv/cache/lookaside//rpm-specs-latest.tar.xz                      
+ archive_branches
++ grep -P '[a-z]+\/([fF][0-9]+|epel[0-9]+|rawhide)'                                                 
++ git branch -r --list
fatal: not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git                                 
+ branches=

so basically the active_branches isn't running in a git directory... and I guess it would have to run it each package directory?

Anyhow, just thought I would add more info here.

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4 months ago

@c4rt0 Any progress on this issue?

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a month ago

@zlopez - since it has been a while and I'm now assigned to a different team, chances are I will not be able to work on this issue for a while.

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a month ago

Ok -- had a little dig into how this script works, and think i understand it a little better now.

Becauase the script checks out the repos from their local position on pkgs01, doing the whole -seed- package for each branch is going to be expensive in storage.

since the original request was for the spec tarballs, just going to implement that.

I have it basically working on stage, just waiting for the test run to finish, and will upload a PR for this.

@carlwgeorge https://src.fedoraproject.org/lookaside/

the spec tarballs are now showing up there.

I have updated the script on prod, and ran the script manually to update the tarballs.

This should run once a day now at 0200 UTC (as it always has)

I also updated the script so you can use a -v flag for some progress feedback when running the script (it takes a while, so it is good to know what is actually happeneing when manually running it)

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23 days ago

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