#1057 IPv6 mirrors without dualstacked mirrors.fp.o/download.fp.o are useless
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Hello guys,

caused by some jokes about IPv6 on #fedora-devel, I came to this ticket motivated by skvidal. We currently have several dual-stacked mirrors out there, means that they're providing Fedora via IPv4 and via IPv6 connectivity. Given, there are IPv6-only users which is also possible, the regular and standard /etc/yum.repos.d/* configuration won't work for them. I'm personally dualstacked, so not directly affected of that.

Getting mirrors.fp.o/download.fp.o dualstacked should not be that hard. Apache2 is supporting IPv6 fine, CentOS 5.x as well - just conntrack iptables firewalling is not available and the Red Hat kernel guys are refusing that to fix for 5.x. As far as I know, the Fedora Project has some servers at Telia located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Telia itself has native IPv6 connectivity which is available to its customers (hopefully also when acting as sponsor) for free. Just set it up and here we go, once a DNS record (AAAA) happened.

Whatever happens, please avoid the use of IPv6 tunnel broker such as Sixxs. Not that they're worse, but if there's native IPv6 connectivity available, use it. And Frankfurt am Main having the DE-CIX (biggest Internet Exchange in Germany) is also having a fine and well done IPv6 infrastructure with lots of carriers connected to it. For further information or when needing help to setup IPv6 somewhere, please just let me know - I'm willing to help, when possible.

I know, IPv6 is a big step, but lets start with it and let's maybe later move on to other parts of the infrastructure? Fedora is ever leading in software and open source, so for IP technology too? :)


After a short talk with mmcgrath and ricky, my knowledge of the mirrormanager setup on the Fedora site changed. Looks like we're running the mirrormanager creating the cache in PHX/US while a copy of /var/lib/mirrormanager is pushed around, e.g. to FFM/DE.

If I'm not wrong informed about how mirrormanager works, the IPv6 connectivity will be needed on the box in PHX/US. Otherwise we're maybe telling IPv4-only mirrors to IPv6-only clients which connect to a dualstacked box at Fedora site.

I don't know, whether mirrormanager separates maybe internally between IPv4 and IPv6, maybe we can mark the dualstacked mirrors as such in a configuration or similar and serve them still from FFM/DE (and/or PHX/US) as we know then, which hosts are IPv6 enabled. Luckily, there are no IPv6-only mirrors out there :)

mdomsch...if you're back, let me know your thoughts about my ideas.

jgarzik brought this up again this past week. I've opened #1623 to track the progress and needs of enabling IPv6 to serve some Fedora users that way.

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