#1052 Custom Planet for the Art Team
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Back when the Planet Fedora infrastructure was changed to gather information from individual .planet files, it was mentioned the possibility to create custom aggregators, based on language or area of interests, to reduce the noise on the main aggregator and deliver a focused message on the custom planets.

skvidal talked (1) about additional planet files, quote:
"actually I was thinking of just having different .planet files:

.planet.fr == planet french
.planet.art = planet art"

Such a customised aggregator can be useful for the Art Team (now in process of changing its name to Design & Creative Team): we can share a lot of things (images, photos, videos) which would be to noisy for the already heavy Planet Fedora. Note: a new sub-planet would be called Planet Fedora Design & Creative, illustrating the team's name change.

(1) https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-infrastructure-list/2008-May/msg00071.html

Hey, we've had a bunch of similar discussions on having separate planets before, I'm not 100% sure what came out of them though. Assigning this to skvidal, let's see if he has any thoughts on it.


have everyone who wants to be on the planet make a .planet.design file in their homedir on fedorapeople.org- just like their current .planet file - but this should have the feed they want for the design planet.

I can setup the rest today.

Hi Seth, we're working on it, hoping to have a chunk of the team set up by the end of the week with the .planet.design files.

okay, this is complete.

it took me longer than expected to complete it as I wanted to make sure it was easier to setup any others.

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