#10498 The kerneltest app has no fedora-messaging schemas
Closed: Initiative Worthy 10 months ago by mobrien. Opened a year ago by abompard.

A user has opened a ticket on datanommer because they can't search kerneltest messages by username. Those messages have no fedora-messaging schemas, and as a result datanommer can't extract the username when it receives one. We should write those schemas.
The upstream app is here on Github. It shouldn't be too long, it looks like there are only 2 message types and they are pretty simple.

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a year ago

So... one wrinkle here:

I am not sure that is the kernel test app thats running.
There's an old one running on a vm, using fedmsg.
There's a newer re-write that was going to be deployed in openshift, but @jforbes needed to re-write parts of it before switching to it.

@jforbes whats the status here? Could be fix up the newer one and switch to it? or plan on when to?

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a year ago

I don't recall the status of the rewrite. I know when it was first presented, it was not exactly what I wanted, but I don't think the issues were ever fixed and of course jcline is gone now. I can do some looking towards porting the existing app from fedmsg to fedora-messaging, but I don't know when I will have cycles to get to it.

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a year ago

[backlog refinement]

This app is for people to run a test suite/script on their booted linux box, it makes a test results file, they upload it to this app... and then they can get badges for uploading, etc... and kernel maintainers can get a idea of which kernels are more tested than others, etc.

it's right now running on a vm... it should move to openshift, switch to fedora-messaging and do anything else kernel maintainers need changed/fixed.

There was a re-write done, but it wasn't fully what they wanted. This could potentially be used and updated

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10 months ago

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