#10313 Fedora Websites Revamp Team is looking for creating projects on GitLab
Closed: Fixed a month ago by ryanlerch. Opened 2 months ago by t0xic0der.

Describe what you would like us to do:

Create a project named Fedora Websites Revamp with slug fedora-websites-revamp on the Fedora GitLab.

When do you need this to be done by? (YYYY/MM/DD)

As soon as possible

Had a discussion with @kevin on the CPE channel - Would prolly take another week for the auth but that's fine. We're in a hurry but not in that much of a hurry ;)

Please let me know if some more information is needed.

@pawelzelawski, for your reference please.

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2 months ago

@t0xic0der i believe we are waiting on #10263 to be completed first before this can be done.

also, i assume what we are after here is a subgroup under the /fedora/ namespace, right? something like:

https://gitlab.com/fedora/websites-apps ?

similar to how this is layed out:


not sure it is a good idea to put "revamp" in the group name, as this might not age once the group has been revamped

True, no revamp substring to be placed there.

https://gitlab.com/fedora/websites-apps-team maybe?

I mean just https://gitlab.com/fedora/websites-apps sounds nice too but welp, it ends up being slightly generic as a name given to a place where there are repos for websites and apps if you catch my drift.

Revamp itself will take around 6 months but still we need some separate place not to mix up initiatives directly in websites-apps with this one.

I think websites-apps seems fine? It would be under /groups/fedora/ so that would make it clear that these are fedora websites/apps?

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2 months ago

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