#10286 Phishing attemps in behalf of fedoraproject.org
Closed: Fixed 7 months ago by kevin. Opened 7 months ago by pingou.

This is more a FYI than something we can action (although maybe we could warn users about it), but I was informed yesterday about phishing emails being sent on behalf of fedoraproject.org

Here is one:

De : Postmaster <allen_yeh@paradise-soft.com.tw>
Envoyé : 19 octobre 2021 18:52:46 GMT+02:00
À : ...@fedoraproject.org
Objet : (12) New Undelivered Mails

Dear ...@fedoraproject.org,

You have (9) new undelivered mail due to some error in fedoraproject.org
IMAP/POP3 mail server. We recommend you move messages to inbox and fix
errors immediately to avoid more blockage.
Move message to inbox <https://rb.gy/mz7yut#...@fedoraproject.org>

All messages will delete automatically without no response pending
additional verification to free up your storage capacity and release all
your pending messages.

fedoraproject.org web service.

(I have replaced the fas' username with ... to preserve anonymity)

As usual, when reading the email as text it is quite obvious but in html it's more confusing.

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7 months ago

@mobrien emailed out a warning email on this, not much else we can do. :(

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7 months ago

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