#10234 Add another x86_64 worker host for openQA lab instance
Opened 2 months ago by adamwill. Modified 2 months ago

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Add another x86_64 openQA worker host for the lab instance. We have two for prod but only one for lab. This means it can get a bit backed up, and also if the one host breaks down, there's no backup and jobs just sit there not getting run. It should be configured exactly the same as the other openQA worker hosts (openqa-x86-worker*). It could be 03, since we don't have an 03 atm, just 01, 02 and 04.

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No specific date, it's not on fire, but it'd be useful. @kevin says there should be a host available, it's just a case of setting it up on the right VLAN etc.

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2 months ago

We talked about this today and we are going to add 2 new hosts... one for stg and one for prod.

More information coming later.

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