#10118 some calendars don't work with Google Calendars URL import
Closed: Upstream 12 days ago by kevin. Opened 2 months ago by chrismurphy.

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Fix server and cloud ical subscriptions so they work with Google Calendars; workstation and qa calendars work correctly.

  1. Go here https://calendar.fedoraproject.org/cloud/
  2. Mouse over on 'cloud' on the left hand column to reveal options
  3. click the 'copy iCal link' option; control-c to copy
  4. Google Calendar, find 'Other calendars' and click on the '+' icon to add other calendars
  5. Choose 'From URL' from the list
  6. Paste the URL https://calendar.fedoraproject.org//ical/cloud/ in the location provided and click 'Add calendar'. Notification, 'calendar added'. Optional: rename the calendar to something other than its URL, which is the default
  7. Click the <-- arrow in the upper left corner next to the word Settings to get back to the calendar
  8. Click and unclick the cloud (or server) calendars and notice that there is nothing scheduled showing up at all in any month.

Repeat this with either QA or Workstation calendars, and it works. In step 8, you'll see scheduled items appear and vanish.

When do you need this to be done by? (YYYY/MM/DD)

sooner than later, kinda hard to to keep track of meetings when the subscriptions aren't working

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Can I get you to refile this at https://pagure.io/fedocal/issues ?

I'm not sure what the issue is, but might be that google isn't handling the repeating events right?

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