#1011 3 packages missing from mirrors
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Some have other versions that made it (homestead), others do not (cluster).

Next steps?

cluster looks fine, and should get pulled into the next compose...

[lmacken@x300 ~]$ koji list-tags --build=cluster-2.99.12-2.fc10
[lmacken@x300 ~]$ koji latest-pkg dist-f10-updates cluster
Build Tag Built by

cluster-2.99.12-2.fc10 dist-f10-updates fabbione

It looks like the rest of the builds are tagged properly, but must have been tagged out-of-order.

[lmacken@x300 ~]$ koji list-tags --build=geda-gnetlist-20080929-2.fc10
[lmacken@x300 ~]$ koji latest-pkg dist-f10-updates geda-gnetlist
Build Tag Built by

geda-gnetlist-20080929-1.fc10 dist-f10-updates chitlesh
[lmacken@x300 ~]$ koji list-tags --build=homestead-0.94-1.fc10
[lmacken@x300 ~]$ koji latest-pkg dist-f10-updates homestead
Build Tag Built by

homestead-0.93-1.fc10 dist-f10-updates cassmodiah

[lmacken@x300 ~]$ koji list-tags --build=mmdb-1.19-2.fc10
[lmacken@x300 ~]$ koji latest-pkg dist-f10-updates mmdb
Build Tag Built by

mmdb-1.09.1-10.fc10 dist-f10-updates timfenn
[lmacken@x300 ~]$ koji list-tags --build=rcssserver-13.0.1-1.fc10
[lmacken@x300 ~]$ koji latest-pkg dist-f10-updates rcssserver
Build Tag Built by

rcssserver-13.0.0-1.fc10 dist-f10-updates hedayat

I went ahead and re-tagged those builds

[lmacken@x300 ~]$ for build in geda-gnetlist-20080929-2.fc10 homestead-0.94-1.fc10 mmdb-1.19-2.fc10 rcssserver-13.0.1-1.fc10 ; do koji untag-pkg --force dist-f10-updates $build ; koji tag-pkg --force dist-f10-updates $build; done

I then kicked off a bodhi compose of the f10-updates repository. Mashing f10-updates currently takes about 22 minutes, and will then take a bit longer to sync out to the mirrors. So, we should see these builds hit the mirrors at some point tonight. Let's keep this ticket open until we see them.

Thanks for the heads up!

cluster-2.99.12-2.fc10 and homestead-0.92-1.fc10 are still missing, the rest came down fine.

list-tags and latest-pkg are still the same for cluster, and for homestead:

[limb@fawkes SPECS]$ koji list-tags --build=homestead-0.92-1.fc10
[limb@fawkes SPECS]$ koji latest-pkg dist-f10-updates homestead
Build Tag Built by

homestead-0.94-1.fc10 dist-f10-updates cassmodiah

. . .though I suppose homestead-0.92-1.fc10 isn't that big of a deal, since 0.94-1.fc10 is there, I'm still curious as to the cause. Shall I untag/retag these two?

After this push, these two still missing, and iscsi-initiator-utils- is missing too, though it had another version that came through.

Also, F-9 is missing kdegraphics-4.1.3-1.fc9, though 4.1.3-1.fc9.1 cam through. Not important, then, but more data points for an eventual root cause.

Another push, no change on F-9 or F-10.

Another push, not change on F-10, but F-9 is now also missing kernel-

FYI, due to the completion of my migration to F-10 and a desperate need for disk space, I can only comment on F-10 mirrors going forward.

After a few pushes, still not there. See also rel-eng bug 1133:


I fixed a large number of tagging issues recently, and everything should be on the mirrors. Please re-open this ticket if you notice anything that isn't there. Thanks!

The large mass of missig updates is there now, but the the packages from this ticket are still missing.

Hmm, my bodhi-tagcheck script isn't detecting any bodhi/koji state/tag mismatches. Are you sure that there aren't newer versions on the mirrors?

I'll try and take a look at this after lunch.

Not for dhcp, nautilus, iscsi-initiator-utils or cluster. There are for PackageKit, kpackagekit, and homestead, so I'll drop those from my list.

Those builds were tagged properly, however they weren't the "latest", so I retagged and kicked off a fresh mash of f10-updates.

Got dhcp and isci-initiator-utils.

Still no cluster or nautilus, and mkinitrd-6.0.71-3.fc10 isn't there from this push.

These should have all been cleared up.

mkinitrd is there, but still no cluster or nautilus.

Another push, no change.

Another push, no nautilus or cluster, and now now qlandkartegt-0.9.2-1.fc10

I've fixed these and it should go out today. Most of these were caused by two updates for the same package getting pushed at the same time, an ongoing bug with bodhi I think. There is basically a race condition on which build gets tagged first/last.

All present now, thanks!!

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