#260 RFE: add a mechanism to tell users which rpmautospec version is deployed in koji
Closed: Fixed 2 months ago by nphilipp. Opened a year ago by zbyszek.

rpmautospec is still undergoing changes, and I expect that additional tweaks to changelog generation and other aspect will be requested and implemented over time. It seems that there's some lag between new releases and when they become available for Fedora users. Thus I think we need some mechanism to "announce" which rpmautospec version is deployed, and if it's not the same version everywhere, e.g. for EPEL, which versions.

Ideally, there wouldn't be too long of a lag, but I agree it should be documented somewhere.

and if it's not the same version everywhere, e.g. for EPEL, which versions.

rpmautospec is a koji plugin, so nothing is different for EPEL there. As for the python3-rpmautospec RPM, I'd hope that the EPEL 9 branch is about as up to date as the stable Fedora releases. The RPM package has not yet been branched for epel7 and epel8.

Discussed in person.
Should be put under https://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/reports? → probably no, fairly hard.
We can document the processed header and enhance it to have more information.

Commit 0c07863 relates to this ticket

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11 months ago

Version 0.3.1 is deployed in staging which should fix this.

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2 months ago

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