#224 %macros in git log are omitted from changelog
Closed: Fixed 11 months ago by nphilipp. Opened 2 years ago by mjg.

Apparantly, at least the local autospec stuff (fedpkg srpm) trips over macro names such as %ldconfig_scriptlets in git commit log messages and omits them.
This is a problem because you sometimes want to explain packaging changes in the log subject or message.

I think that rpmautospec should just escape percent characters by doubling them (%%%) when making changelog entries from commit messages.

It’s worse than omitting macros, I suspect. In fact, I think %ldconfig_scriptlets was expanded, and appeared to be omitted because expands to nothing in Fedora.

I can confirm this too. We have a commit in python-nixio where %global is used in the commit message, and so autochangelog cannot be used there because it expands the marco and errors.

here's the commit:


It's easy to reproduce:

  • fedpkg co python-nixio
  • update the spec to use autochangelog
  • see build fail

I opened #234 that seems to address my simple case. It simply replaces all occurrences of %+ in the commit logs with two % characters.

This is fixed with #244, in version 0.2.6.

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11 months ago

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