#204 Proposal: build and enable rpmautospec on EPEL8
Opened 2 years ago by salimma. Modified 2 years ago

python-rpmautospec currently is not branched and built for EPEL8; it probably needs to be done and then pulled in by epel-rpm-macros so that we can keep specs unified between Rawhide and EPEL8.

See e.g. https://pagure.io/fedora-infra/rpmautospec/issue/202 for failures when rebuilding specs that use rpmautospec in EPEL8.

I can work on this, if there is no objection from the rpmautospec authors?

For completeness sake, here's what I wrote to the mailing list:

in order to use rpmautospec features, it needs to be available on the builder machines (which are F34) and, for local operations, on the machine running fedpkg or equivalent. I.e. making it available on EL8 will help people whose work environment is RHEL8 or CentOS 8, it shouldn't be required to be able to build an EL8 package in our infrastructure.

I'd be happy to be able to offer rpmautospec client-side on EL8, too,
but as you found out in [2], this needs a newer pygit2 version than
what is available there.

([2] is this issue)

What version of pygit2 is needed? Has a request for an updated pygit2 in epel8 been made? (I don't see one).

Looks like pygit2 versions are pretty directly tied to libgit2 versions - and since libgit2 is provided by RHEL, I don't think we're going to be able to update it any time soon.

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