#201 Automate onboarding packages on rpmautospec
Closed: Fixed a year ago by nphilipp. Opened 2 years ago by dcavalca.

Add a subcommand for rpmautospec (e.g. rpmautospec onboard or rpmautospec migate) that, when run in a dist-git repo, or with the path to a specfile as the first argument, will perform a basic conversion to rpmautospec:

  • replace Release with %autorelease (this could also perform additional checks to either automate more complex uses, or abort and print an error in that case)
  • create a changelog files with the current changelog and replace it with %autochangelog in the specfile

Additionally, it would be useful to have another command (say, rpmautospec render-changelog) that, when run against a package that's already using rpmautospec, will render the current changelog and update the changelog file with it. The purpose being to automate this process when one needs to manually fix something in the changelog.

Thanks for the report!

I had similar thoughts but never put them into writing :wink:. My idea for the latter one was rpmautospec freeze-changelog (or it could be an option --freeze to generate-changelog), but I like rpmautospec onboard more than what I came up with: install, enable, quickstart.

See PR #219, though I did not name it any of those.

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